Madison County Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to the new Madison County Amateur Radio Club of Central Indiana web site.

We are a club of around 40 members who enjoy a variety of interests in Amateur Radio.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of the Month at 7pm at the Madison County EOC located at 200 N Delaware St, Anderson, IN

We welcome area amateur operators to join our weekly Net at 8pm on Wednesday nights on 145.390 with a pl tone of 151.4.

November 2019 MCARC Newsletter


MCARC at the 2019 Frankton Heritage Days


MCARC participating in 2019 Indiana Parks on the Air


MCARC at the 4-H Fair-July 2019

Members at the Madison County 4-H Fair displaying equipment. (L to R) President Mike-KC9DJU, Tim-KC9GBL, Vice-President Lew-K9LBB, Secretary/Treasurer Jeff-K9DYR, and Ferrin-N9VZL

Go-box belonging to Jeff-K9DYR on display at the Madison County 4-H Fair.

Our President Mike, KC9DJU put together this “Go-Tower” for display at events, such as the Madison County 4-H fair, as it is here. This radio was used during the fair to make some IRLP contacts. It was also used to run our weekly net on Wednesday night.