January MCARC meeting will be held virtually. As of Friday, 1/1, the EOC will be closed to all non-Madison County Employees.  Due to COVID-19 concerns, we are not having face-to-face meetings at this time. Please monitor the repeaters and local nets for updates to this status.

Welcome to the new Madison County Amateur Radio Club of Central Indiana website.

We are a club of around 45 members who enjoy a variety of interests in Amateur Radio.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of the Month at 7pm at the Madison County EOC located at 200 N Delaware St, Anderson, IN

We welcome area amateur operators to join our weekly Net at 8pm on Wednesday nights on 145.390 with a pl tone of 151.4.

December 2020 MCARC Newsletter


November 2020 MCARC Newsletter


October 2020 MCARC Newsletter

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