Awards Program

Since 1987, a jacket has been awarded yearly to the most active club member. This award was devised to encourage members to be more active. Like any other organization, the MCARC has about 30 percent participation with 10 percent doing most of the work. The “Most Active” awards program was intended to increase the percentage of participation.

The jacket will have the MCARC logo on the back. On the upper right front, it will have “MCARC Most Active Member” in a circle and the year of the award centered inside. On the upper left front, the person’s name and/or call letters.

* The last winner of the “Most Active Member” award is the new Awards Manager and is not eligible for the award in that year.
** The elected officers of the MCARC.

The following are the rules and points award system:

  • Officers will not receive points for doing their jobs.
  • Each event must be verified by the event Chairperson
  • The person that originates the event is responsible to publicize it on the “net”, in the news letter, or at the preceding club meeting.
  • The person that originates the event will be responsible to provide a sign-in and points award sheet to the Awards Manager. * (see above ruling).
  • The Net Control operator will be responsible to provide a “check-in” sheet to the Awards Manager. The Net Control will also provide a list of events announced on his/her net to the Awards Manager. * (see above ruling).
  • If a participant is not happy with the points received by him/her (in a variable point category) he/she may appeal to the Awards Committee. ** (see above ruling).
  • Once the rules have been approved, they may not be changed until October 1st of the current year. Changes will take effect at the beginning of the point count year.
  • To receive points in a contest, you must complete all required contest paperwork and send it to the appropriate place. * (see above ruling).
  • On build and show projects, members present will be asked to rate the project on a scale of 1 to 10 and an average of this total will be awarded to the exhibitor.
  • It is recommended that the point count end on October 31st and the earned points in November and December be counted for the following year. This allows the Awards Committee time for ordering and presentation of the award at the Christmas party.
Attend club meeting 2
MCARC net check-in 1
Teach a MCARC class 2 (per session)
Build and show a project 1 to 10 (see rules)
Work hamfest table 1 to 5 (per hamfest day)
Work contest (on the air) 1 to 3
Write news letter article 1 to 3
Be the speaker at a club meeting 3
Upgrade license 7
Sign-up a new member 4
Clean club room 1 to 3
Be MCARC net control 3
Bring guest to club meeting 1
Chair a committee 3
Set-up/tear-down @ special event (published) 1 to 3
Work party (published) 1 to 10